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"Our professionals lead by example rather than instruction and our clients make progress by leaps and bounds. Our imagination and creativity are the best tools we have when it comes to sharing our knowledge." professional on-site services provided throughout the US, targeting Phoenix Arizona, East Valley Area.

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Organizing Techniques
Get Organized Before Opening Your Business. How can I organize my paperwork? Home Office Organization. Organize piles and files.
Schedule your priorities and prioritize your schedule. Clutter Control. Save tax records and other important/similar documents. Things to do to improve time management. How do I "prioritize" when everything has to be done now?
Preparation for archiving documents. STOP Junk Mail from Credit reporting agency list. Are you working in a Culture That Promotes OVERLOAD?
Tips to getting and staying organized.
We also work with residential clients to organize entire homes, storage spaces and much more...

A to Z Organizing Pros
Creating Simple Solutions for Easier Living!

Arizona (602)-790-9369 or Texas (817)-901-1009
Serving Northeast Tarrant County: Bedford, Euless, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Hurst, Keller, North Richland Hills, Southlake, Watagua, Westlake

Questions Answered (FAQ)

The information you are about to read is proprietary and MUST NOT BE SHARED or used in any fashion other than obtaining the service of A to Z Organizing Pros


 Professional Organizers Assist the Involuntarily Self-Employed
The article, Involuntary Self-Employment on The Rise really uncovers the problem and challenges of previously employed professionals who have been forced to create something greater for themselves and their families.

Many people have been effected by the challenge of unemployment and lack of work. I am currently a professional organizer and efficiency coach, organizing small business people all over Keller, Texas and the Metro Fort Worth Area.

With a greater number of people turning to self-employment the need for the services of a professional organizer is increasing. Small business owners typically know how to create their widget or sell their product(s) yet they lack the skills to set-up and operate a business efficiently.

Passionate organizing professionals will help these small business or "new" business owners create efficient, effective easy to use administrative systems that work for them. With customized, easy to use systems, they can have more time to do what they love with less stress.

For more information, simply call

 (Resource: http://gooznews.com/?p=2561)

Included here are some frequently asked questions about our services:

Here are some of the organizing client solutions we help create everyday!

* Improving efficiency and productivity in small to large companies by creating systems for home-offices to large businesses to work more cost effectively.

*  Help clients in their home or automobile to create an environment that is efficient and organized yet comfortable using creative solutions geared specifically to their needs.

*  Residential Downsize, Unclutter, Purge, Organize! - Bedrooms and closets, including drawers and toys, kitchens and pantries, including appliances and dishes, family rooms or dens, furniture and accessories, garage, storage areas, basements, or workshops, including tools, etc...

* Provide relocation assistance for purging, inventory documentation and unpacking for business and residential clients.

* Lunch and Learn for companies, they provide the lunch we provide the Learn. A 45-minute presentation geared toward helping individuals to discover ways to be more efficient in their work environments. (Some are free of charge)

Can I get someone to organize it all for me?
We believe that your time is worth a lot so we work with clients to help them become more efficient through proven coaching techniques.

We will work with you in the area you specify and you will see subtle changes in other areas of your life as well.

Our goal is to teach you so well that we work our way out of a job!

What are your consulting and organizing rates?
Our rates are based on needs of clients and are determined while talking to the client.

We do not work with everyone, only individuals and companies that genuinely desire improvement and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Do you charge a fee to come out and look at what needs to be organized?
YES, however we begin with a FREE 10-20 minute phone consultation to make sure that we are a good fit for your needs.  

Once it is determined that we are a good fit, we send some of our clients an efficiency evaluation questionnaire that is specifically structured to get to the heart of why and how you do things and where you would like to be. We ask some of our clients to complete the efficiency evaluation questionnaire prior to our visit.

QUOTE: "Thank you so much for the valuable information I learned about myself by completing your organizing and efficiency questionnaire! You are greatly appreciated." Timothy Z.

What does the first appointment involve?
Typically the first appointment is a time to get to know you and discover your needs and how you think and do things. It is also where we review and evaluate your environment for efficiency and make suggestions for improvement.

When time allows, we roll up our sleeves and begin to implement those suggestions.

We will sometimes follow up with written documentation of our findings, recommendations and project costs by room, location or project.

QUOTE: "The information that was shared with my husband and I in the short time you spent with us is invaluable. We both agree that we learned a lot more than anticipated." Gene & Silvia Yates, Phoenix.

What is the cost to get organized?
The cost for your first appointment may range anywhere from $50.00 to $400.00 depending on your location and needs. A better question might be, what is it costing you not to do it?

How do you charge?
We charge by the hour (hourly minimum may apply). Our hourly charges can range from $25.00 to $300.00 per hour depending on your needs, organizer's experience and expertise and your location.

We also provide group presentations and corporate training. Pricing varies by company needs.

QUOTE: "Valerie came into my office and helped me to totally de-clutter my space and I noticed my productivity level and focus on my business went up immediately!" Lois Tiedeman, Gilbert.

Why do some clients complete your questionnaire in advance?
The questionnaire is a tool we use to get right to the heart of what our client?s organizational focus and goals are. Many people believe that we can just ?look at the situation and know what to do? that is just not the case. Therefore, the questionnaire was created to help us help you more efficiently.

Why do you recommend organizing supplies purchase in advance?
We usually roll up our sleeves during the first organizing session and begin implementing our recommendations immediately. Your initial consultation and appointment setter should be able to determine what items should be purchased in advance of our first organizing session.

The suggested storage boxes are generally used for sorting and possible storage of smaller items. The garbage bags are suggested because many clients we work with also have loads of garbage that they just didn't think they had.

Do you have any organizing package deals?
YES, we do offer package discounts for bulk session packages. All session packages are priced in such a way as to give our clients the best possible pricing and scheduling priority.

How much does a package cost?
Every client is very different, therefore pricing depends on your needs, the number of hours purchased and the number of consultants required for your project.

What if I have to reschedule my session?
Client agrees to give 48-hour notice whenever a scheduled appointment requires rescheduling. When client is unable to keep scheduled appointment, without a 48-hour notice, one half the session fee is due unless A to Z Organizing Pros is able to fill the timeslot.  If client is a ?no show? the full session fee will be charged. 

Can I get a refund for a package I purchase?
All session packages are priced in such a way as to give our clients the best possible pricing and scheduling priority and are paid in advance They must be used within one-year from date of payment. Unused sessions are not refundable.

QUOTE: "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't say enough about your organizing help. Your last session really got me out of a jam. I really thought it would take me a week or more to reorganize my new office but we achieved this feat in one session." Ron Stewart, Phoenix.

An average walk-in-closet takes approximately 3-7 hours (We have even done this in three hours with a quick decision maker for a client on Phoenix TV channel 3) 'Ball-Park' figure $200.00-$600.00.

QUOTE: ?Thank you for assisting me with my organizing needs!  You have amazing skills and are a wealth of information!  Last time you came to my home we worked on my much cluttered walk-in closet.  I was actually dreading doing the work of sorting, purging and organizing my ?stuff?.  However, I felt so much better when we were done!  I couldn't believe how much we accomplished in 3 hours!  Well, you have the before and after pictures to prove it!  Thank you!?  Sue Buffington, Phoenix

QUOTE: "I really appreciate your time. You have a lot of energy and a great attitude! I look forward to speaking with you and working with you." - Michael Leeds, Scottsdale.

A typical garage may take 1-2 days. A 'Ball-Park' figure $650.00-$1,200.00

QUOTE: "Valerie is very dedicated to the success of her clients and very knowledgeable about ways to get more done in less time. Virtually any person would really benefit from Valerie's coaching and organizational skills. I highly recommend her! Wes Hopper, Phoenix.

Office reorganization and file system set-up. Approximately 3-5 days. A 'Ball-Park' figure $1,800.00-$3,400.00

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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