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"Our professionals lead by example rather than instruction and our clients make progress by leaps and bounds. Our imagination and creativity are the best tools we have when it comes to sharing our knowledge." professional on-site services provided throughout the US, targeting Phoenix Arizona, East Valley Area.

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Organize My Home

Hands-on-organizing services

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Would you like to have someone help you downsize, unclutter, purge, or organize your home, or do you just need some guidance or another pair of hands? We can help take the stress and burden out of getting better organized in every area of your home. 

Let us make it simple for you. We can help you in all areas of your home, including: 

  • Take a complete inventory of your items

  • Organize bedrooms and closets, including drawers and toys

  • Organize kitchens and pantries, including appliances and dishes

  • Organize family rooms or dens, furniture and accessories

  • Organize garage, storage areas, basements, or workshops, including tools

  • Organize memorabilia, collections, photographs, or special keepsakes

  • Organize government and personal records and files
    closet organize

We'll help you reduce, downsize, and prepare your donations for charity. Well even do a complete home inventory so you can have a complete list of your belongings.

We can also help you organize your important papers like: social security, Medicare, health care insurance, life insurance and other important records and files so they're easy to find when you need them. 

Our Professionals coach you to draw out the knowledge you already possess and teach you how to create systems that work for you. It's always a work-together partnership. You'll be able to find anything in your home within seconds. 

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Organizing Tips and Ideas For Organizing My Home

Organizing makeover entry

Categorize your items

Clothes that need mending or ironing

Discard any periodicals

Discarding your extra stuff

Find the empty and unused spaces

Give away or toss

Have only one junk drawer

Use a highlighter when reading

Utilize a magazine organizer

Sorting and Storing Jewelry

Tips to Organize Your Home-Office

Categorize your items, keep things in each category together.

Discard any periodicals you can do without. Most periodicals are out of date after 6 months. You can get it again. Someone else will write about the same thing again in the near future.

Discarding your extra stuff. It's the first step to getting rid of clutter.

Find the empty and unused spaces throughout your home, garage, office, etc. Make things efficient, convenient and accessible by storing items where they belong. Rearrange what you already have to make better use of your space. You may even decide to add or move shelves, use storage containers, organizing caddies, etc.

Give away or toss those you haven't worn in a couple of years, go through your shoes and clothes regularly.

Have only one junk drawer and every once in a while go through it. Trash what you don't want and put what's left where it belongs. Then you can start throwing more junk into it.

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Keep clothes that need mending or ironing in a basket in your laundry room or your closet not on a chair in the bedroom.

Sorting and Storing Jewelry - Use ice cube trays to sort and store your jewelry.

Use a highlighter when reading business journals, magazines and reports. Remove the article from the publication and place a note in the upper right corner with the category or a memory jogger. You may  choose not to remove the article and just flag the important page with a sticky note, jotting down a one-word description of the content on the sticky note, for quick retrieval at a later date.

Utilize a magazine organizer of your choice to segregate materials such as business journals and periodicals that are often saved as reference material for a later date.

Save time in your clothes closet, inventorying and categorizing clothes helps you plan your outfits in advance to save time later.

Your closet is prime real estate. So you paid a lot of money for something, don't let it guilt you into keeping items you just won't wear.
The items you decide to keep should make you feel good wearing them, fit, be in style, and not need alterations or repairs.

A great thing to do with clothes that don't make you feel good wearing them, fit, or are out of style is to take them to a consignment shop. Consignment shops will pay commission for the items they sell for you. You may also choose to donate them and get the tax deduction.

Addition organization assistance is available:
bedroom organizing

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Additional Tips may be found in the monthly "Organizing You News" Newsletters

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